Guidance Officer

The Guidance Counsellor (or Guidance Officer) is a person who has qualifications and training in personal counselling, careers counselling and psycho-educational assessment.  A Student’s educational progress may be affected by a number of issues which may need to be addressed to ensure they are able to work effectively towards their goals while at school.

These issues can include career goals, parent-adolescent relationships, grief and loss, peer relationships as well as mental health concerns.  Counselling with the School Guidance Officer is offered on a short-term basis.  If a student requires continued or specialist counselling or support, the Guidance Officer can facilitate the referral of a student to outside agencies or support networks.

Within the school, the counsellor works with other members of the school support team, administration and teaching staff for the benefit of the student.  Cognitive abilities may also be assessed by the Guidance Officer if the Classroom Teacher refers a student for academic concerns.

How to see the Guidance Officer

Our Guidance Officer, Meegan Brown, is at Cloncurry State School every Wednesday and Thursday.  Secondary school students may see the Guidance Officer by making an appointment through the Administration staff in the Office.  Primary school students may see the Guidance Officer by first speaking to their class teacher who will determine if a Guidance Officer referral is appropriate.  The class teacher may then complete the referral forms and bring these to a Student Services Meeting.  Signed parent permission is required for Primary school students to see the Guidance Officer.

Student support websites and contact numbers

  • Kids Help Line:   or phone: 1800 551 800
  • Depression and Anxiety:
  • Child Youth Mental Health Service:  phone 4744 7103
  • Lifeline:  phone 131 114
  • Suicide call back service:  phone 1300 659 467
  • Alcohol & Tobacco & Other Drugs Service:  phone 4749 3821

Student Careers Websites:

The Queensland Government’s new Youth Careers Information web site features a range of career development and job search tools that can assist you to choose a career pathway and identify your vocational education and training options:





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