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Welcome to Cloncurry State School

Cloncurry State School is Prep to Grade 12 School located in the mineral rich province of North West Queensland, approximately 800kms west of Townsville and 121kms east of Mount Isa.  The school itself lies at the centre of our town both geographically and socially.

Our students and staff enjoy the country atmosphere offered by smaller towns including the natural beauty of the Australian Outback and surrounds.

We strive to provide “Excellence in Education in the Outback” across all aspects of learning, including academic, sporting, musical and cultural activities.

School House System

Our School community is divided into two houses – Burke (Red) and Wills (Green).  The houses are named after the Australian Explorers Robert O’Hara BURKE and William John WILLS who passed through this area on their way to the Gulf of Carpentaria.  Our Burke & Wills “shed” situated at the south-east end of the School is a 100% sun safety Multi-Sport playing field with synthetic surface.

School Poem School Song

It’s a grand place in Cloncurry,
It’s a fine place to be,
Just to live there and to grow there,
Means such a lot to me.

So it’s three cheers for the State School,
Colours of gold and grey
As we hold our flag up high before us,
And proudly show the way.

In the classrooms and on the sports fields,

We all do the best we can,
And our motto is the catch cry,
Of each and every one.

Courtesy, Truth and Knowledge
Standards we uphold,
And we shout – shout – shout –
Cloncurry State School,
So proud and so bold

Living in the Outback, it’s the place I like to be
Hand in hand we work for the land productivity,
We’re students of Cloncurry, we come from far and wide,
Our backgrounds may be varied but we’re our Nation’s pride.

Let’s go for what we want,
Let’s really make a stand,
We’ll meet our goals together,
Working hand in hand.
And when school days are over,
Our lives will richer be,
We’ll look back with fondness,
On our days here at Cloncurry.

Our school’s a place of learning, we work as one big team,
Everyday come what may, everyone’s so keen,
From the sporting fields to the concert hall,
We wear the grey and gold,
Courtesy, Truth and Knowledge, as our motto holds.

Repeat chorus twice.





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