Community Education Counsellor


My name is Patsy Tyrrell. My role at Cloncurry State School P–12 is to support students and parents to be great learners at school. It is a very busy role that has me involved in many different ways on a daily basis.  

School enrolments

If you are enrolling your child into school, you might see me as I will welcome you at the enrolment. Other programs I support are the FAFT program (Families as First Teachers) for our little pre-prep people. 


This program is held every Tuesday morning 8.30–9.30am in the Prep Room (Rainbow Learning Centre) for parents and their children. The aim is to help the younger children see what happens when they first come to Prep. Parents also get to see inside the Prep room and get to meet other new parents. Activities are run for parents and children and “learning take-aways” are made to have at home to support early leaning.

Homework club

I also support our Homework club that is run 3 days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 2.45–3.30pm in the Resource room. There are volunteers and teacher aides to assist students to complete their homework. They also get to have afternoon tea for their efforts.

School attendance

I work very closely with the administration team to ensure your child is attending each day, having lunches, uniforms, books and necessary footwear.  

Work experience

I work closely with the senior students in the school to support their completion of the QCE (Qld Certificate of Education). Organising Year 10 work experience each term is a vital component of their readiness for the workforce.

Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in the curriculum

I also work with our Teacher Aide—Cultural Officer, Ronald Major (Hombre), in planning for the many cultural activities that are celebrated at our school. We often work in classrooms alongside class teachers to support the learning particularly when it relates to Indigenous Perspectives.

Meet and greet

My room is called the Meet & Greet room and is a place where the children can sit and have their lunch in a cool spot and parents and staff can come and sit and have a chat and a cuppa also.

Lost property

Lost property is stored in this room, as students are always misplacing their items. Please feel free to come and check for any items your students may have misplaced.

In my role I welcome all students and parents to our school and to my room. We believe that people from all backgrounds are welcome at Cloncurry State School P–12 and take pride in making our school as welcoming as possible.

Last reviewed 23 October 2019
Last updated 23 October 2019